What is E-Waste? Why Should you Care About Electronic Waste Recycling?

What is Electronic Waste (E-Waste)?

E- Waste or Electronic Waste consist of electronics that are no longer useful or the owner wants to replace them with new ones. These can be electronic items at your home like refrigerator, television, washing machines, microwave, computer or cell phones. This e-waste contains toxic elements that are a threat to both human health and environment and many of the products also contain recoverable precious materials that can be reused or recycled in the production of new electronics of similar kind.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), if we recycled one million of these cell phones instead, we can recover over 20,000 pounds of copper, 550 pounds of silver, 20 pounds of palladium, and 50 pounds of gold.

This e-waste has been the consistent reason for landfills. Like any other waste to get rid of them this e-waste is burned but the incineration leads to emission of poisonous gases and toxins that increase the risk of cancer if inhaled. Also during the process of manual extraction of precious metals the workers are continuously exposed to poisonous chemicals and fumes of highly concentrated acids that can dangerously harm our body parts. The emission of fumes, gases, and particulate matter into the air, the discharge of liquid waste into water and drainage systems making water unfit for human consumption and agriculture and the hazardous electronic disposal contribute to environmental degradation These chemicals when enter the soil through water or in the form of dust particles can leach into the soil making it toxic and infertile.

Why Should you care about Electronic Waste Recycling?

We should really start caring about recycling our e waste as it would be advantageous for us and for the environment. If we avoid doing so then we and our coming generations will have to bear severe repercussions. Lets pledge to prioritize e waste recycling.

Unburden Landfills

Electronic recycling is the utmost duty of every human being on earth. Simply throwing away useless electronics is the reason for landfills and waste of land that can be used for other productive purposes.

Good for the Environment

When e-waste recycling is not done properly the environment is exposed to harmful chemicals released from themOne computer monitor alone can contain as much as four to eight pounds of lead and other toxic substances.

Materials can be Reused

Electronic waste recycling means fewer new resources will be needed to meet the growing demand for electronic devices. This can contribute to a great extent to the conservation of resources.

Duty towards Community

The most environment friendly to recycle old computers or recycle old electronics is to donate it to charities or other such institutions where they can be reused. There are many in need who don’t have funds to buy these electronics. This is the best way to both give back to the community and save environment.

Find a Certified Electronic Recycling Center in Loudoun County  Virginia.

There is one more important need to recycle electronics. These electronics can be a belonging of companies or businesses and might contain confidential information about the company. Simply throwing away such devices possess the threat of data theft and breach. So it is advisable to approach a reliable e waste recycling center in Loudoun County or electronic recycling company in Loudoun County, Virginia that can help you with the safe electronics recycling.

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