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It is imperative for organizations to timely sort the confidential information, retain the necessary data and get rid of the one which is outmoded. The organization has to be compliant with government ordinances, record detention guidelines while hiring data destruction services. Also when organizations opt for the asset disposal process then it is really important to properly and completely destroy the data first. This is really important as your confidential information can be misused. Your private data needs to be securely erased from your outdated electronic assets like servers, hard drives, PCs, laptops, DLTs, LTOs, CDs, DVDs, flash memory sticks, smartphones. For this, you need to hire services from reliable data destruction services. There are various methods of data destruction like

Out of these, the third one is the most reliable method when it comes to data elimination as it leaves no loophole for the data being recovered. IT RECYCLING Solutions offers the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for the same. It provides document shredding services, hard drive destruction services so that you can dispose of your IT assets in a carefree manner. We also assure that the entire process is executed keeping in line with government policies and regulations and also in a green way, that is it does not in any way is harmful to the environment. We make sure that after the destruction process the fragments are not left around instead we collect the shreds and process them to assure zero landfills and zero incineration. We are aware that e-waste is very harmful to the environment and so we make every attempt to reuse the components in an eco-friendly manner.

All data destruction services are provided in accordance with DoD, NIST, and all federal, state, and local regulations.

When we think of data destruction, the following questions come to mind. 

Who is handling the data media?

How is it going to be transported?

Where is it going?

Is the place properly secure?

Is the end result satisfactory?

With these questions in mind, we have put together a comprehensive system for secure data destruction that exceeds industry standards. 

  • Trained & Background Checked Staff Members.
  1. Each employee goes through a series of interviews and screening before becoming part of the team
  2. Preliminary and ongoing training along with team atmosphere ensures compliance and integrity.
  • Secure Transportation with a GPS tracker equipped with a secure vault.
  1. 26ft Box truck with a recorded tamper-proof seal.
  2. NV 2500 High Roof Van with a Steel cage and a tamper-proof lock.
  • Secure Chain of Custody
  1. Client site a full inventory prior to loading 
  2. Onsite full inventory count upon offloading
  3. Inventory tracking throughout the procession
  • Auditable Documentation & Reporting
  1. Date | Commodity | Brand | Model | Serial | condition | status.
  2. Certificate  of Recycling
  3. Certificate of Data Destruction
  • 24 Hours Monitoring and Surveillance
  1. Each site consists of 6-8 State of the art CCTV Cameras.
  2. Remote arming/disarming and monitoring capabilities.
  3. Two-way PA announcement system.
  4. motion sensors. 
  • Secure Vault Storage of Media
  1. A strong room dedicated to unprocessed media.
  2. Only accessible by the VP | CEO.
  • Secure Data Destruction Lab
  1. Caged destruction lab
  2. Every HDD or media device is scanned in and out of the lab.
  3.  sanitization Process (to learn more about zero data, check the home page)
  4. NIST 800-88 Wipe is standard. With many more options available.


  1. On-site | Off-site shredding: We take any media hard drive | Tape drive | Thumb drive and pass is through an industrial shredder. 

  2. Degaussing:  is the process of totally erasing data by reducing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic field (information) stored on tape and disk media. A degausser is a machine that changes the magnetic domain (where the data is stored) of the magnetic data storage devices.

Benefits of hiring IT Recycling Solutions for secure data destruction services

  • In accordance with government standards- It is very important that all such activities are executed complying with governments rules and regulations
  • Save your storage expenditure- You have to spend many dollars in order to safeguard your company’s or organization’s private information. If you can cut off with some data storage assets it will not only reduce your expenses but also allot you with more space in order to store the neoteric technology.
  • Security- Once the unneeded unwanted information is eliminated you also end up with the fear of it being stolen or misused. It becomes permanently inaccessible
  • Certification- The shredding services company allots you with a bonafide certificate after the successful execution of the data destruction process. This ensures credibility that sensitive information is now completely destroyed.
  • Eco-friendly hard drive shredding service- The job is carried out keeping in line with environmental protection. It is like one arrow two sparrow proverb. Your personal information is safely shredded into pieces and you also are not responsible for the shreds as the service providers safely collect and transport them for recycling assuring the betterment of the environment.
  • Satisfactory on-site hard drive shredding- When the procedure is completed in your business premises it gives you visual satisfaction of the work done fast and without any chance of a fault
  • trustworthy off-site hard drive shredding- Even if the shredding procedure is conducted in the warehouses it is done under CCTV, 24/7 security and digital monitoring and recording.
  • Logistics Management– IT Recycling Solution provides all required resources and is flexible and responsible for scheduled/unscheduled pickup, packing, collection and transportation of your information in a GPS tracked vehicle.

We have taken our secure system and applied it to hundreds of projects performed for our Clients from the government | Data Centers | Health Care firms | Law offices | Banks and IT companies all the while saving them millions of dollars. This is one aspect of any business that should not meet lower standards. As captains of your respected industry, you have a legal and moral obligation. CONTACT US for a quote.

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