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The R2:2013 Standard is the leading global certification standard for the electronics reuse and recycling industry.The requirements in the R2 Standard are designed to protect people, protect the environment, protect data, and preserve resources. This is achieved through rigorous annual 3rd-party audits of R2 certified facilities, and through transparency and accountability throughout the entire reuse/recycling chain of used electronic products.

R2:2013 was developed through an open and transparent multi-stakeholder process inconjuction with the EPA.

Please NOTE: When requesting verification of certification, be mindful of R2 2013 vs R2 2008 version. After Dec 2014 any facility holding an R2 2008 certification is no longer valid and is not routinely getting 3rd party audits.

ISO 14001 is an enviormental management system Certification developed to protect the enviorment by the International Standardization Organization. This frame work, the development and implementation is part of a detailed process which measures and ensure the minimization of enviormental impact by a company. It also ensures the company is incorperating Federal, State & local enviormental guidelines. IT Recycling Solution is proud to accomplish this certification process.

ISO 45001 is an OH&SMS (Occupitational Health & Safety Management System) It is one of many International Standardization Organization framework which is geared toward health an safety of a company, employees and clients. This certification came in very handy when it came time for COVID-19 SOP. For us, this maticiclous system ensures we look at all our procedures through ISO 45001 standards before implementation and ensures a tracking mechanisim is in place. IT Recycling Solution is Proud to acheieve this certification. 

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) is provided by Microsoft which ensures that authentic and complete refurbishing methods are being utilized when working with a client on an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) project. Legitimate lisenced COA and Citizenship is being utilized. Another certification to ensure total authentic solution.  IT Recycling Solution is extremely excited about parterning up Microsoft.

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