Enterprise Cellphone Repair Services in Sterling

Our Mission to the core is Reboot and reuse. 15 years repair experience, with that in mind, we offer electronics repair services including tablet repair, laptop repair, Samsung, iPad and iPhone repair services in Sterling, Chantilly and Ashburn Virginia to our customers and partners as part of our zero-landfill initiative.

Our customers deserve the best; therefore, we have brought in our parent company MiTecShop, repair experts to assert expediency.

We know broken equipment like an iPhone, or an iPad can cause delays in the field. Stockpiling broken phones and tablets with proprietary data is not safe and most likely has an adverse effect on a company’s bottom line.


We realize how important your phone is for you and so we make sure to provide you quick mobile repair services. We are not just the best iPhone repair shop but also the most reasonable mobile repair shop in Sterling. We provide on-site phone repair services and if the impair requires some time, then we pick it from your site and even drop it within a day at your doorstep. We excel in repair of all kinds of phone impair and even provide finest laptop repair services and tablet repair services. Be it any kind of iPhone related impair our experienced and trained technicians will repair it with their expertise.

Here at IT Recycling Solution, we can put the equipment back in play or decommission while saving our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacement or storage cost.


Our Versatile Mobile Phone Servicing:

We Specialize in Repairing and Decommissioning:

Cell Phone | Tablet | Laptops.

LCD Screen Replacement- if you have broken screen or cracked screen do call us as it is unsafe for both you and your phone to be used in that condition. We will do the broken screen repair and give it back in its impressive condition.

Charging Port Replacement – if your phone is not getting charged or you have broken charger then we will provide you with a new one. Use your iPhone uninterruptedly.

Battery Replacement- are you in the habit of overusing or over charging your phone and finally have to face battery related issues. We will help you replace your phone battery. It will get back into its normal position becoming perpetual.

Front and Back Camera- camera not working. Don’t wait to get the instrument that captures your memorable moments repaired. Front camera or back camera we will do the repair effectively.

Frame Repair- damaged frame or unattractive scratches on the frame. Don’t worry we will make it new again. We also provide attractive back covers for further protection


Our Reputed Cell Phone, Laptop, Tablet & PC Repair Services

All Brands and Models- we excel in repairing all types of models and brands of phones, tablets, and laptops.

Genuine Parts- we replace your mobile parts with original and high-quality parts because we do not want our customers to compromise with the phone working. You will get your phones in their original condition.

Not more than one day service- we know how indispensable your phones are for you and so we work laboriously to do the repair and delivery as soon as possible.

Data security- We assure total safety regarding your private and confidential data.

Skilled technicians- Our workers possess the technical know-how and repair your iPhone with their magical hands as if the problem never existed and that too at exceptionally low prices.

Warranty- although we provide quintessential iPhone repair services, yet we provide warranty for our services and the replacement parts.

Online iPhone Repair- you can book us online and our certified professionals will make a visit at your desired location, collect, and take it to the nearest store if required, diagnose your phone problem, repair it, test its working and once the issue is resolved and is quality tested will deliver it to you with warranty.

Laptop, Chromebook, and Tablet Repair Service for Schools- A malleable system designed for volume throughput maintenance of devices. Scalable, Rapid turn-around, convenience and most important economical. LCPS, FCPS, APS, PWCPS and more

Refurbished Phones- we also provide refurbished phones of almost all top brands in good condition, well tested by our technicians at attractive prices.

Wow Customer Service- We are committed to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers through our delightful services.

With extreme precision and urgency, we can repair and reboot the device back into your workflow or decommission it. CONTACT US 



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