IT Asset Associate

Position Description

  • Asset Tracking: All inbound inventory needs to be serial tracked.
  • Asset Evaluation: Based on the make, model and condition each item needs to be evaluated for its value. Website used to evaluate are eBay, Amazon and Mercari
  • Ability to post on eCommerce platforms and engage in Phone sales.
  • Revitalizing existing clients and spear heading new clients.
  • Functional knowledge of a camera.
  • Functional marketing on YouTube and Pod Cast.
  • Testing, cleaning, and packing of equipment.
  • Assist in revamping and improving the workflow.
  • Negotiating with Bulk buyers.
  • Assist in training new staff.
  • Assit in designing and executing projects.
  • Basic understanding of Cyber Security.



  • Arrive on time. 
  • Do not burn time. 
  • Dress appropriately 
  • Safety gear present and utilized.
  • Take care of the company property.
  • Represent the company ethically.
  • You will be required to assist clients. 
  • Certain projects will require extra hours.
  • Organization and problem-solving skills.
  • Functional understanding of Microsoft excel email and internet.
  • Team oriented person
  • Able to lift 30 LBS.

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