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 IT Recycling Solution, a minority owned small business, headquartered in Sterling, Virginia-Loudoun County is an expert IT Hardware Life Cycle Management service provider For Government, Businesses and Institutions.  By partnering with IT Recycling Solution through our Revolutionary All Green process you can unlock the revenue potential to your IT Hardware infrastructure. 

IT Recycling Solution’s Customer Service obsession, Secure Green process and  Waterfall, Agile or Scrum project management methodology aids the delivery of a meticulous end to end solution with monitored chain of custody for our clients equipment. Our Profit Sharing workflow and auditable assurance that the work is being done effectively and efficiently, in conjunction with applicable laws molds a favorable revenue stream for our clients.

Most companies in this arena are limited in their capabilities and you deserve a company who can provide a total solution, a company with the principals dedicated to data security, the environment and the ethos is standards of compliance NISTNSA | DOD | HIPAA | FACTA | Gramm-Leach-Bliley and IT Recycling Solution is just that petegrie. A precise malleable tool for all your IT Hardware Life Cycle management. Our Mission ready capabilities and approach go far beyond Environmental E-waste Recycling, Data Destruction and cover all the aspects related to achieving those results. We bring a sigh of relief to each and every project with clear understanding, actionable and total solution, which delivers transparent and revenue friendly results for our clients.

IT Recycling Solution differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on the total solution, which delivers a well-balanced equilibrium between security and the environment. 

So for your next project, whether it is something simple as a standard e-waste recycling pickup or a detailed project requiring Commercial Movers, Decommission LAN Room/Data Center or workstations, Structured Network Cable work, contact the best certified team in the country. (202) 655-2644 and breath a sigh of relief.

IT Recycling Solution is ISO 14001, ISO 45001, DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Certified

ISO Certified
 ISO 14001:2015
 Defense Logistics Agency


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 Government | Schools | Law firms | Medical Facilities | Banking Institutions | Big and Small Businesses | IT Companies | Data Centers | Govt. Contractors | Labs | Managed Service Providers | IT Hardware Manufacturers | Local Residence.



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  • IT Recycling Solution for remote work environment. Prepaid shipping. Mail in your obsolete/end of life IT equipment. Lean and linear solution for remote work flow. Ask IT Recycling PM for more details.
  • IT Recycling Solutions specializes in. IT hardware lifecycle management. And security solutions. Providing ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified service for businesses and organizations. Their service portfolio includes. IT hardware lifecycle management. Commercial moving MSP support services. Hardware repair and maintenance. And 24/7 Help Desk. Partner with APC Schneider Electric. And Lenovo to ensure their clients have access to top quality equipment. Their IT Hardware lifecycle management services cover IT infrastructure decommissioning. Deployment and maintenance as well as specialized IT equipment destruction and recycling. They also provide e-waste recycling For commercial buildings and communities and offer reverse logistics for businesses and manufacturers. In addition, they offer commercial moving services that include office and commercial move out relocation and decommissioning. As well as data center services.
    MSP support services are also available, including IT asset management, help desk support and network structured cabling services, access controls, Demarcation point, IDF, MDF, Patch Panel, Network mapping and more. They also provide hardware repair and maintenance for laptops, Chromebooks and tablets. For businesses looking to ensure their data is secure, IT recycling solution offers cyber security and hard drive destruction services.
    With their comprehensive services, your business can get cost effective solutions that are environmentally responsible and adhere to security standards. They also provide convenient, scalable, and rapid turnaround solutions for hardware maintenance and repair needs. With business partnership with APC, Schneider Electric and Lenovo. Clients can be assured of top-quality equipment.
    IT recycling solution is an expert in IT hardware lifecycle management commercial moving. MSP, support services, information security and much more. By entrusting your entire project to one company. You can benefit from rapid turnarounds in malleable workflow, volume discount, and professional staff who work well with general contractors.
    Let’s say you need to relocate your entire office or data center, including all IT equipment, furniture, and other assets. With IT recycling solutions comprehensive service, you don't need to hire multiple contractors to handle each segment of the project. Instead IT recycling solution can handle everything from move out to relocation, furniture removal, IT infrastructure deployment, decommission and even e-waste recycling.
    By having one expert company handle all these segments. You can benefit from a more streamlined and efficient workflow. Ensuring rapid turnarounds and minimal downtime for your business. Furthermore. IT recycling solutions malleable system is designed for volume, throughput, maintenance of device making it easy to scale up or down as needed.
    What's more, by working with one expert company, you can take advantage of volume discount savings. Your business. Even more money. And with IT, recycling solutions professional staff who work well with general contractors, you can rest assured that your project will be completed to the highest standards. Of quality and professionalism.
    Overall, by entrusting your project to IT recycling solution, you can benefit from a comprehensive range of services, streamline workflow, rapid turnaround, volume discounts and professional staff ensuring your project is completed on time, with budget and to the highest standard of quality.
    IT recycling solutions network structured cabling services include cable upgrade from CAT 5E. to CAT 6. Or CAT 6A and up. Network mapping. IP camera. System integration. Voice and data network cabling. Sound masking systems. Fiber optic installations. Fusion splicing. Audio visual installation. Demark extensions. Wi-Fi and wireless network move and add-ons-Changes electrical services, land room cleanup, cable certification and Data center services. Our team of certified technicians. Or experienced. Then all aspects of network cabling and can design and install a customized solution that meets your unique business needs. With IT recycling solution network structured cabling services. You can benefit from increased network speed and reliability. Improve data security. And a more efficient and streamlined workflow. Contact us today to learn more about how our network structured cabling services can benefit your business.
  • IT Recycling Solution Virginia
  • IT Recycling Solution Washington D.C.
  • IT Recycling Solution Atlanta, GA.


ISO Certified
 ISO 14001:2015
 Microsoft Registered
 Loudoun Chamber

Project Management InstituteDefense Logistics Agency   


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We did not realize how much revenue was tied up in our old computers until IT Recycling Solution sat down with us

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Very knowledgeable. They shredded our hard drives right in front of us

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ITR Solution walked in with a check for my old computers. Amazing!

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