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 Commercial moving: building an office HQ or data center, when it comes to moving on a commercial scale and decommission, mastery of the following is absolutely detrimental: PMP skills, A+ IT hardware and network cabling expertise, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety, ISO 14001 Environmental management system, NIST 800-53 Security and privacy controls, information security, data security, electrician and furniture specialist. These are just some of the key standards required and an army of certified skilled team members with ample resources to deliver an end to end solution.


For instance, an office move. A typical office consists of furniture, LAN/Server room, workstations and AV equipment, network cabling and trash. An office move like this requires multiple contractors and a dedicated individual from the client’s team to manage all the contractors. Office moving projects large or small are not a one day task, it requires detailed planning, days of packing/prep and weeks to perform. All of this makes your office relocation complex. So, what do you do?  Why take on all that, when you can call upon one company IT Recycling Solution the best commercial, office movers and decommission team near you, a company with veteran principals and a certified team with meticulous planning, excellent project management skills and the most regarded customer service.  


 Let's change the environment and dissect a data center moving and decommission. A project of this magnitude requires PMP, A+, Network cabling and asset tracking expert services from IT Recycling Solution. Total Solution: secure chain of custody, adherence to NIST 800-53 Security and privacy, asset serial tracking, labeling cables, wheeling racks and data destruction (hard drive shredding) as part of our end to end ecosystem 


ITR Solution - one of the most preferred office movers as we have successfully moved challenging projects in the most effective and efficient manner. We understand the overwhelming situation during an office move. Call us so we can manage the moving and decommission project, exceed  expectations and mitigate your stress. We stand by the statement of being the "best office movers near me" to provide you with outclass commercial moving Washington D.C and IT decommission services in Washington D.C, Nothern Virginia & Maryland.


Most commercial moving companies stay within the arena of packing and moving furniture, which leaves you the client in search of another contractor for: Network/Structured cabling, LAN/Data room, workstations decommission or relocation and data destruction. What IT Recycling Solution brings to you is a complete project management solution toward a complex project enviornment. 


Direct impact on quality, timeline and the bottom line because you the client are managing less.  By tapping IT Recycling Solution for commercial moving or Office moving D.C nothing is left to chance and clients experience managable bottom line, expedient time line, philnathrapic infused results, secure chain of custody, maximum environmental recycling procession and total transparency.




Decommissioning an Office space, No Problem!

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Commercial moving and Decommission or relocation LAN/Server Room or Data Center Absolutle Experts YES

Relocating or Upgrading Workstations? A+ Certified Tech's Standing By.


Certified and Background Checked staff

ALL Shredding, Sorting Dismanteling Done Inhouse


Secure Chain of custody. Data Security and Enviormentally Sound Solutions

         Commercial Office Movers & Decommission :

  • Armada of certified team members.

  • Detailed Project planing. Apply the MAC Process

  • Data secure Shredding and  Enviormental recycling purge.
  • Auction, Liquidation and donation elements.
  • Dismantle, label and pack Workstation
  • Moving Work stations, Server/LAN room (more than 19,000 units moved securely annually)
  • Documented chain of custody. 
  • Un-usable furniture disposal.
  • Remove old network cable.
  • Disassemble, reassemble and relocate office furniture and cubicles. FF&E services.

N.Virginia Data Center Logistics & Technology Services You Can Trust:

ITR Solution - data center logistics & technology services is one of the top-rated companies in Washington D.C, N.Virginia & Maryland. Our Company is centric to provide integrated solutions properly customized for IT assets, secured shipments, specialized packing for sensitive electronics. We boast of skilled and experienced staff, able to execute every task with perfection.

ITR Solution deals in service for any IT asset, secured shipments, Logistic Engineering & Data Management, commercial moving and decommission, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Training (operational, maintenance & safety) and 360-degree support for subsiding any problem arising to our clients.

       Data Center Logistics & Techonology Services:

  • Fully customizable solution designed to meet the specific needs for the de-install and removal of IT assets in a fully documented process

  • End-of-life equipment scheduled for decommission, lease expiration equipment, and legacy equipment in storage awaiting final disposition
  • Full logistics service for any IT asset, secured shipments, specialized packing for sensitive electronics.
  • Track record of successful Data Center and Office decommissions, lease returns, secure data disposals, and secure equipment disposals for facilities, large and small
  • Responsible e-waste disposal
  • Wall-to-wall inventory and asset tag process and inventory reconciliation services available for any item in a Data Center
  • Cable recovery harvesting and structure cable removal
  • Data Center and Office environments: Infrastructure removal and reinstatement, including old racks, raised floors, cable trays and conduits, cages, patch panels, and any other infrastructure
  • Relocation, removal and, or disposal of Assets such has Server Racks, Servers, PC’s, printers, monitors, peripherals, and mobile phones, tablet
  • Removal and disposal of UPS batteries and systems, air-handlers, chillers, and PDU’s

Trust ITR Solution For Office, Workstation & Critical Environment Service in Maryland:

For Office movers professionals in Washington DC with extensive experience and a proven record of exemplary services of Asset management: warranty tracking, and Fulfilment or reverse logistics. ITR Solution is a clear choice. We have performed office moves of all sizes and scopes along with the asset tracking due to an upgrade or decommission. We are dedicated to providing the best workstation relocation services, which is why we are the best office movers with specialized training for particular kinds of tasks like office furniture and equipment.  When you choose ITR Solution for your Washington office move, you can rest assured knowing that your valuable documents, office furniture and everything are in safe hands.

Office, Workstation & Critical Enviorment Service:

  • Workstation relocation 

  • Enviormental e-waste recycling
  • Hard Drive shredding
  • Proper cable management
  • "Hot Shot" Priority Service
  • D-Rack & Rack Servers Relocation
  • Help Desk service.
  • Asset Tracking due to an upgrade or decommission
  • Asset management: warranty tracking, Fullfilment or reverse logistics. 
  • Sub-Surface Network cable decommission.
  • LENOVO Authorized Dealer



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