Stay Indubitable with on site hard drive shredding

In this world of hatred, competition and jealousy where some people have negative intentions to sabotage others reputation and ravage them totally, it has become very important to ensure that all the confidential information of organizations or companies that is no more in use should be safely destroyed. This has led to the establishment of various hard drive shredding services or data destruction services that assure secure hard drive destruction and that too in front of your eyes. That is you get to witness the hard drive shredding or hard drive destruction on your desired location itself. Service providers from IT Recycling Solution bring the hard drive shredder with them and destroy hard drives and also take the shred with them for hard drive recycling. This gives you complacency in both ways- safety from potential breach with a certificate for the same as well as proper removal of shredded material for safe recycling. It is advisable that you hire services of on site hard drive shredding company as then you have the surety that your personal information is safe from identity thieves, competitors and malicious actors. Such people leave no stone unturned to gather any of your private information and misuse it.

In case of on site shredding, service providers from IT Recycling Solution will come to you with their mobile machines whereas in case of off site shredding they come to your site, takes your documents, collects them in their shred bins and carries them to the destruction site for computer hard drive shredding. Although both the vendors provide the same protection but their practices vary in terms of instantaneous, guarantee and people involved.

Instantaneous- the job is done there and then without any delay.

Guarantee - When you see something happen in front of your eyes you have more credibility on the effective execution of the work done.

People - WWhen the vendors make a visit to your location for on site shredding you are aware about the people who carried out your work and the steps involved. So there are no chances of mistakes. So there are chances of delay and insecurity.

People - WWhen the vendors make a visit to your location for on site shredding you are aware about the people who carried out your work and the steps involved. So there are no chances of mistakes. So there are chances of delay and insecurity.

Advantages of on site shredding

Along with a certificate of secure data destruction you also have a visual proof for the same. Your fragments are mixed with other peoples shred so there are no way to piece your information together. Once the shredding process is complete you don’t have to worry about the transportation. Few people have access to your confidential information.

Disadvantages of on site shredding

On site shredding can be expensive as people are coming to visit your location and giving you doorstep services.

Advantages of off site shredding

Off site shredding also issues a certificate of destruction Your shredded crumbs are mixed with others in off site shredding also so here also you can rest assured that the documents cannot be recreated.

Disadvantages of off site shredding

From he moment your stuff is transported from your site to the destruction location you will feel uneasy about the safe transportation. More and many people will have access to your secret information You would require to check the background of the service providers for security. Many plant-based shredding providers sort through documents before they are shred to improve the recyclability of the paper. This means your sensitive information is unnecessarily exposed to individuals.

It will consistently strike you whether the work is done and also done perfectly. Lack of visual proof will continue to haunt you.


Shredding is about destruction of your confidential information on papers. But what about the information in hard drives or any other electronic media like CD's, flash drives, smart phones, tapes etc. Generally hard drive destruction services companies collect your hard drives and transport it to their location where they are destroyed later with other hard drives. But till the time they are destroyed they are left unsecured. This can be a big peril and also leaves you in a position of suspicion and anxiety regarding the job done successfully. Our on site hard drive destruction services provide complete certainty as your hard drives are destroyed in front of your eyes within your business premises, there and then. You can check it for yourself whether the shredding is done perfectly. We provide the best hard drive destruction services fast, at your doorstep and at very affordable prices. Our processes virtually eliminate any chance of data being recovered from the destroyed media. We also destroy the hard drives through degaussing process. Our shredding facility on wheels are well equipped and automated to shred the drives into minute particles. Call us to get the most safe and trustworthy hard drive destruction services at 2026552644.

The recovery techniques might be smarter but surely cannot match with our phenomenal work. Be the hard drives of any size our destruction process crushes them ideally into minuscule pieces. The hard drives undergo a very hard procedure where they get cut and shred in a way making the recovery totally impossible. We are a certified company and our machinery is licensed. We follow graded guidelines and process that are strictly in accordance with the legal policies. Our employees have professional training for the destruction work and have undergone background checks to ensure total security of our clients. Not just this they are committed to sign agreements with our company and have also been cross examined by government e- verification process. If the shredding is been taken place in our warehouses it is done so under secure surveillance of CCTV cameras. Sensory alarms are active consistently to sense danger of any type. Premises are locked everytime and entry is allowed to only the staff personnels and that too after digital identity examination. The hard drives or other stuff imported for destruction or shredding are brought by GPS tracked trucking for added security under kept under close monitoring. The destruction process can be seen by our clients practically or through recordings. They can also scrutinize and verify for total satisfaction. Then on we provide auditable hard drive destruction inventory(a detailed report of the destroyed hardware including make, model and serial numbers)

Onsite Data Wiping

This is another way of secure data removal that can also help you recover from your disposed assets. Through our data wiping and overwriting software process we securely cleanse data from the electronic media. This process also provides equal assurance of data removal but instead of destroying them completely physically we can reuse these data storing devices. There are companies who retire their assets after a period of time to acquire better updated version for improved working and outcome. We help them get rid of such assets through safe elimination of their private information as well as acquire favorable deals on their assets.

Why choose IT Recycling Solution for on site hard drive destruction or the most secure hard drive destruction services

We provide invincible level of convenience and security for hard drive shredding.

Auditable reports

DOD compliance
PCI compliant

DVD film of actual drives being shredded

Environmentally-friendly disposal of scrap and more

Fast and efficient hard drive destruction

you are dissolved of any responsibility or liability for destroyed hard drives.

along with on site and off site data destruction services, we also execute profitable IT asset disposition and purchasing and IT recycling services.

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