How To Decommission A Data Center

Data Center Solutions

Decommission, relocation and logistics.

Data center solutions are when your services and products are created to maintain a data center. These products can include servers, IT equipment, storage systems, routers, or firewalls. Products can also be cooling systems, cabling, batteries, and supporting infrastructure for your physical data center. 

Depending on the size of your business, you may either own your data center or share a portion of it with other businesses. Data center solutions are able to set up and maintain certain racks within your center, or design and construct a new, proprietary data center for your business.

Why Your Business Needs Data Center Solutions

As more of your data and infrastructure become virtualized, you need solutions that address the resources necessary for the protection and access of your data in the cloud. It is typical for a business to use physical data centers as well as cloud providers or resources. Data centers provide you virtualized networking, support, security, and storage. 

Operation of a Data Center

The operation of a data center is comprised of the workflow and systems within a data center that allows your center to continue running. These operations can include ensuring data center security, monitoring systems to ensure proper cooling and power are effective, installing and maintaining network resources. Cloud computing is forcing data centers to modernize their operations. The changes include updating operations that implement automation and virtualization.

With the increase of businesses turning to cloud computing, there is a lot of pressure to reduce IT costs. This increase is making the automation of data center operations more critical and placing a significant focus on optimizing systems and processes for more agility and cost-efficiency. 

If your business is consolidating your data center or migrating your data to the cloud, ITR Solution are the professionals with the experience and knowledge to plan and coordinate these changes. Migrating to the cloud will involve decommissioning your data center which involves extensive planning. 

Decommissioning a Data Center

Decommissioning your data center is a complicated and involved process. This center is more than just a bunch of collected plastic and metal components, it includes all your business's sensitive data. While the equipment in your center may vary in value, the data is invaluable to your business and its future. If the decommissioning is not performed properly, the future of your company is put at risk. 

The decommissioning process may involve multiple vendors to handle different aspects of the process. ITR Solution can minimize your stress and possible errors in this process by customizing a decommission plan and coordinating the entire project. In most decommissioning projects, the data center is being relocated to a different location, in which case ITR Solution offers full logistic services for secured shipments, and specialized packing of your fragile electronics. 

While some of your equipment may need to move locations, others may need proper disposal. ITR Solution is able to generate maximum operational and financial value from equipment your business no longer has a need for. We specialize in equipment collection, reuse processes for external re-marketing or internal reuse along with recycling that meets the highest environmental standards. 

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