5 Ways to Properly Recycle your Old Electronics

E-waste recycling is the most discussed topic. Everyone realizes the importance of electronics recycling but very few of us are aware about the suitable ways for electronics disposal. We are all witnessing the increasing landfills and are even acquainted about the severe repercussions it is going to have on human health and environment but do not contribute our bit by recycling electronics. Yes, we can recycle old electronics and even recycle old computers and unburden the land from the toxic substances that this e-waste emits in the form of fumes when they are burnt. The poisonous gases not just cause various diseases but also when the left over waste is disposed these chemicals enter the soil through water making it toxic and infertile.

Ways to Properly Recycle old Electronics


You can donate your old electronics to charitable institutions who will give it to needy people who cannot afford to but new electronics. These charitable institutions revamp you electronics and give it to schools, hospitals etc.

Return or exchange policies

There are many manufacturers who accept old electronics and pay you well for the same. They are attached to national recycling programs and also provide exchange offers that is accept old ones and reduce the prices of new ones. These companies also spruce up your old electronics and resell them. If they do not get repaired they send them to e waste recycling center for safe electronic disposal.

Exhibit your creativity by Up-cycling

The 1best example of upcycle is best out of waste. There are many innovative minds out there who transform a thing to something totally new and remarkable. For example students make decorative items out of unused objects. Similarly if these electronics cannot be repaired they can be used for decoration or manifestation signifying any idea like retro decor or unique outdoor landscape.


You can put up your old electronics for sale on various websites where you get good price over them. This is the best way as you can easily get away from unwanted electronics and the buyer can either reuse those electronics for themselves or refurbish and sell it further. This buying and selling affair is a means of livelihood for many.

Electronic Recycling Service

If you own a company and planning about disposing electronics in bulk then you have to be very careful as there is threat of confidential data theft. For secure electronic disposal you require assistance of reliable electronic recycling center or electronic recycling services.

Handing your e-waste to a dependable e- waste company gives the assurance that your waste will reach to the perfect terminus and will neither add on the landfills nor will reach in wrong hands. Disposal of electronics is not just a matter of concern for big enterprises due to security reasons but also a duty towards environment. An electronic recycling center will not only safely dispose off the bulk electronic waste but also will keep you updated about each step in the process of disposal and also provide you with a legal certificate of disposal, which is necessary for the firm.

Find a reputed electronic recycling services in Washington D.C & Virginia.

It is very important that you do some investigation about the e waste solutions company before handing over your e-waste to them. The electronic recycling center should be licensed. You can also go through the reviews on their website for credibility. The e-waste company should provide you the surety that the entire disposal process will take place under your close monitoring. If you are looking for affordable and trustworthy electronic recycling companies then IT Recycling Solution can provide the most efficacious electronics recycling services in Washington D.C and Virginia.

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