ITR Solution for Data Centers

ITR Solution provides a range of comprehensive services to support major data centers. The core of these services is to generate maximum financial and operational value from retired equipment.

 A global provider of data center services for the management of used IT equipment, data center relocation and logistics. These services include:

  • global control of onsite data destruction.
  • Equipment collections. 
  • Reuse processing for internal reuse or for external re-marketing.
  • Recycling to the highest environmental standards.

Our pedigree is providing comprehensive services for managing used IT hardware for major IT manufacturers. The same advanced recovery for reuse capabilities is proving equally economically valuable within the global data center industry.

Both industries face similar challenges in managing the exponential growth in IT infrastructure due to rapidly changing technology cycles and the critical business requirement to minimize supply chain expenditures.

IT Recycling Solution capability minimizes procurement expenditures on spares inventories, system upgrades and remanufacturing systems through a combination of used and new technology components.


Decommissioning A Data Center

Companies are currently downsizing, consolidating their data center infrastructure, or migrating everything to the cloud. This takes extensive planning and coordinating. It can involve dealing with multiple vendors that handle different aspects of the project. And then you may have to start the process over from state to state. So, let the IT Recycling Solution Data Center Decommissioning team assist you. Our Project Planning Team can customize a decommission plan and manage and coordinate all aspects of your project

  • Fully customizable solution designed to meet the specific needs for the de-install and removal of IT assets in a fully documented process
  • End-of-life equipment scheduled for decommission, lease expiration equipment, and legacy equipment in storage awaiting final disposition
  • Full logistics service for any IT asset, secured shipments, specialized packing for sensitive electronics.
  • Track record of successful Data Center and Office decommissions, lease returns, secure data disposals, and secure equipment disposals for facilities, large and small
  • Responsible e-waste disposal
  • Wall-to-wall inventory and asset tag process and inventory reconciliation services available for any item in a Data Center
  • Cable recovery harvesting and structure cable removal
  • Data Center and Office environments: Infrastructure removal and reinstatement, including old racks, raised floors, cable trays and conduits, cages, patch panels, and any other infrastructure
  • Relocation, removal and, or disposal of Assets such has Server Racks, Servers, PC’s, printers, monitors, peripherals, and mobile phones, tablet
  • Removal and disposal of UPS batteries and systems, air-handlers, chillers, and PDU’s


Data Center Decommission Checklist

Develop a comprehensive Scope of Work:

  • Scope of work is developed in conjunction with the client’s requirements.
  • Discussion call or meeting.
  • Walk through if necessary.
  • Measurement of the space set to be decommissioned.
  • Establish a turnaround Timeline.
  • Special equipment Handling.
  • Data destruction protocol.
  • Implementation of secure chain of custody and environmental e-waste solutions.
  • Any specific technical requirements.
  • Onsite special requirements: Tools to be used, Type of personal allowed.
  • Entry, exit and loading dock.
  • Finalize Scope.

Fresh Audit:

  • Request the list of equipment set for decommission.
  • Use the list to perform a fresh comprehensive physical audit of the equipment.
  • Include: make, model, serial, and asset tag.
  • Note any discrepancies.
  • Establish a staging area and packing area.

Workflow Development:

  • Establish interested parties and POC.
  • Formulate a communications plan.
  • Tools and material checklist.
  • Field tech assignments and final roster.
  • Special equipment decommission plan.
  • Onsite Hard Drive shredding protocol
  • Ensure data backups.

Label and Packing:

  • If the equipment is being relocated, label the cables, and implement compartment workflow. 
  • Power down and disconnect.
  • Extract the Hard Drives.
  • D-Rack the equipment.
  • Palletize based on the rack if the equipment is being relocated.
  • Tag the pallets based on the rack.

Data Destruction: Hard Drive Shredding:

  • Document Hard Drive serial per drive, per equipment and per rack.
  • Onsite Hard Drive shredding protocol implementation
  • Document the destruction-Certificate of destruction.

Environmental E-waste Recycling:

  • Environmental E-waste Recycle the following: Racks and Cables.
  • Dismantle all decommissioned equipment down to Plastic, metal, PSU, optical drives, logic boards, battery, aluminum
  • Catalog the processing: Make, model, serial, and weight.

IT Asset Recovery:

  • Grade the equipment: Condition and age
  • Perform a market analysis of the commodity market and resell market.
  • Resell the equipment 
  • Track the sale and weight.
  • If the work order specifically prohibits the resale as a whole unit. Then dismantling and reselling the commodity is the preferred route to realize Asset Recovery.

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